Establishment brouj industry & construction
Services consultancy co . LTD was established in 1992 .
It was officially registered as (brouj co.LTD in 1996).
It was re-registered as (brouj industry & construcyion services consultancy co.LTD.) in 2004 , and that was due to some changes in the shaveholders.
Then it was registered as a member at (the council organization firm ) in the 20th of jun , 2005.

The origin
Brouj engineering consultancy co.LTD was originated in 1992.
The beginning was by making conception to establish (sudan technical centre ) to be the main starting base for sudan master technology S.M.T , and since then the company achievement progressed continuosly along with the progressed continuously along the the progression of S.M.T. institutes which began in the same year .
Then the company was officially registered in 1996 ready to present its consultant services for both national and public institutes .
So this profile summerizes some general features of its achievements.

We at Brouj Industry and Construction Services Consultancy Company Limited aim to be a pioneering engineering consultancy company in Sudan

With God's help we provide advisory services and industrial engineering with our own qualified staff and the accumulated experience and sophisticated systems adhere the lead creative and innovative

The Values:-
1. (Piety god)
2. (Fulfillment of the contracts)
3. (Customer satisfaction)
4. (Honesty and truthfulness)

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